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This whole site was designed and is kept up to help my family and friends who are addicted to a high carb diet, mainly bread products, reduce the intake such, as it’s the most dangerous of high carb foods. Bread and all products containing wheat cause more illness and disease than any other one food in our diet.

My research has shown me that flour as a food staple, is more of a disease-causing staple in the way that it causes so many diseases that could be eliminated if this food were taken out of our diet completely. All of the manifestations listed on Carbs, The Newly Found Death Sentence are a direct result of consumption of the grain, wheat.

It may have to do with the way wheat is processed from its natural form to be turned into flour for us to eat. All refined flour is bleached, and it’s in this bleaching action that flour is oxidized to remove impurities and make the flour white. I have to wonder if it’s this oxidizing that causes all the oxidative stress that this food puts our cells through? If the flour has been refined, it’s been bleached, and that’s not something I want to do to the inside of my body.

If you’ve read the narrative, you already know almost all there is to know about me. I have nothing to hide, I bare as much as I can, so everybody can make a fully informed decision about me, as best as I can present it. My apologies if anything is too hard to understand. I can only attribute that to my head injury.

I challenge anyone to show me any errors on any of the documents contain on this site, or at any of the links with my documents. I welcome all criticism of any grammar used on this site. I want everyone to fully understand, what I’m trying to say. This message is too important to assume that I’m getting my message across. I need to know, that I am.

If you have doubts about the validity of anything contained within this site, I challenge you to vet it yourself. Validate what you’ve read. If it is incorrect, show me your data and we’ll compare notes. It will make for good civil discussion If you are right. You may post your reproof on this site, provided you provide your evidence (research studies, statistical data,  etc), with your submission for publication. I will publish it, without editing it, provided your information is 100% correct and valid and more importantly, verifiable.  This applies only to my own authored documents on this site. It doesn’t apply to any external links. (But, you’re welcome to vet that information also.) Since most of my external links go to Wikipedia, I trust the information to be correct, because all articles published on Wikipedia, are edited by experts in that field, voluntarily. For this reason alone, their editors are not subject to other influences to bias their work. I trust most of what I find there.

My story is available on a post in the about me category. I encourage you to review it. You can read more about me on Pinal County Death Squad. 

My sincere wish is that everyone who reads these pages validates what they read. Only then will they know that the information contained within this site is 100% valid. Maybe then, all who read this, will change their behavior and in turn, change the behavior of the whole world. Only through limiting this food from playing such a large role in our diets, can we suppress the damage that it does.

It's time for a cure