Carbs! How To Cut Back

It's your choice!
It’s your choice!

The best way to start cutting back on your carb intake, is to stop buying the foods that you find them in. Without any high carbohydrate food around, you’re forced to find alternative foods to eat and snack on. The best benefit of discontinuing the consumption of carbohydrates, is the lack of a need to keep eating them. Once your body discovers that it can live without carbs, miraculous things begin to manifest. The longer you stay off the carbs, the more miraculous these manifestations become, until you begin to experience life as it is supposed to be experienced, illness and disease free and full of energy. Evidence of my experience without carbs in my diet.

When you buy groceries, you have to read every label, because you’ll find some little ingredient from wheat in almost everything that’s been processed. They love to use the starch for thickeners and the sugars for sweeteners and flour (ground wheat) has more, readily available glucose in it, than table sugar.

But to just stop buying carbs, isn’t stopping the consumption, because if you’re like me, you have to use up what you have in your pantry. You can’t just throw it all out, you have to use it up, so as not to waste it. There’s two theories on this;

  • If you can afford to throw out what breads you have in your pantry, you’d be far better off, to do so, than if you didn’t. Consumption of what you have left, means that you’ll only be adding to the inflammation, it causes. Continuation of this consumption will also bring on any multitude of illnesses or diseases that you would NEVER experience if you didn’t ingest this food to begin with.
  • If you can’t afford to throw it out, and have to eat it, because of financial hardship, you have two courses to consider, either damage your health by continuing to eat it, or save your health and give your carbs to the dog. If you must keep damaging your health , by eating it, slow down your consumption of it, to slow the intake of the sugars that are so deadly. This way, they won’t effect your blood sugars as much, and this is what is so dangerous about eating carbs. It’s the roller coaster ride that these carbs put our blood glucose through. You eat carbs, your blood sugars rise. After a couple hours, your blood sugars fall again, making you hungry again and ready to pack in more carbs, simply to raise that blood glucose. Hence, the carbohydrate roller coaster ride. Everyone on a carbohydrate diet, all ride this ride, for there is no waiting line for it. It’s ready for us to take any time we want to. It’s no wonder that this is causing our obesity epidemic that the whole world is experiencing today. (This is also due to the manifestation of the genetic modifying of wheat, and other grains.)

Unfortunately, this doesn’t tell us what we should be replacing those lost calories with, so I’ll make a couple of suggestions as to what you can do, to fill your stomach, then I’ll give you a list of what you can eat, if you want your body to experience these benefits;


  • Eat high fiber carbs like fruits and vegetables. I list fruits here, because of the problem of satisfying our sweet tooth. In order to cut back on all the sugars that we ingest, it’s easier to do, if we keep the simplest of these carbs (fructose) in our diet, for a while, at least until we wean ourselves off of the killer sugar, glucose. Fructose can be just as deadly, but because of its nature of being a 1 molecule sugar, it’s digested by the liver and not on a cellular level. This means that it doesn’t need insulin to be digested, and therefore doesn’t effect the pancreas as much as a diet high in glucose will.
  • Transition from carbs to more protein and fats in your diet. To cut the carbs, you need to replace those lost calories with healthier calories, like those from fat and protein. This will do several things to your body that are very beneficial, like reducing your weight, first and foremost, which will help to keep you from contracting diabetes. You’ll experience a decrease in any chronic pain, arthritic pain or headaches that you have to deal with, as well as experience a reduced threat of cancer and cardiovascular disease, just to name a few. Your benefits may be greater or less depending on the level of addiction that you have to deal with now. I can almost tell you, just from just looking at you, at what level of addiction you’re at. The worse it is, the harder it is to kick. But also, once it’s kicked, the bigger the benefits will be. Knowing this, is the secret to killing carbs.
  • When you feel like a snack, which will reduce over time as your body adjusts to a low carb or Keto diet, turn to raw nuts. Raw nuts are packed full of protein, essential fats (which offer more calories per gram of food than what carbs do), and best of all, fiber to help clean out your digestive system. You’ll soon experience less hunger, as you continue on your low carb  (keto) diet, because your body won’t be experiencing the carb roller coaster ride, that makes us all want to eat more. When was the last time you were hungry? My keto diet has allowed me to work 14 hours so far, today, stopping only for a few quick snacks of raw nuts, maybe a 1/4 cup if that, in total. The point I’m trying to make, is that I’m not hungry. I don’t ever get hungry. My blood sugars don’t fluctuate to make me hungry. The only thing I have to tell me that I need to eat, is my empty stomach and the pangs it produces. I use those pangs to remind me, that when I go hungry, I’m helping my brain, and its capabilities grow.
  • Eggs eggs may be one of the best sources of nutrition. They’re packed with protein, good fats and essential oils, B-complex vitamins and essential minerals. More nutrition comes in just one egg, than what you can get out of 6 loaves of bread. Can you imagine the ease of weight control, using eggs in your diet instead of bread?
  • First and foremost, don’t drink your calories. when you drink your calories, it’s always in the form of either alcohol, fruit juice (which fortunately is mostly fructose, digested by the liver and not cellularly), soda or soft drinks, or alcohol. All of these beverages carry with them an enormous amount of sugar. The sugars in beer make it the highest, top ranking food substance in the glycemic index, making it the most dangerous of any carb source. It upsets the delicate balance of your of sugar and cholesterol levels in your body. It’s this balance that’s so important to maintain, simply because this balance is what regulates the amount of plaque that the sugar causes, when it glycates your cholesterol. This is just the beginning or your death sentence. The continuation of it takes place with every sandwich you eat, every bagel you eat, every crescent you eat, every pancake you eat,,,, Are you starting to get the picture? It’s OK if there are still a lot of question in your head, now. That’s good. I’ve at least done what I set out to do, to get you to thinking about the kind of foods that you put into your body to sustain  your body, because this is going to take a lot more examination, to be able to come to any viable, workable solutions for cleaning up this mess.

Whatever you think, don’t allow the phrase Keto diet scare you. Ketogenic diets are not for unhealthy people as much as they are for healthy people. Everyone who has an intolerance (allergic reaction) to wheat, gluten, gliadin or any of the other substances found in this grain, will experience the unhealthy consequences of a carbohydrate diet, so I’m going to list what foods contribute to a high carbohydrate diet, more so than anything else.

Foods that harm;

  • bread and all bread products
  • pasta
  • rice
  • corn
  • oatmeal
  • Cream of wheat
  • any cereal, including granola, meuslix, Wheaties, etc even special K
  • chips of any nature, whether they be corn chips, multi-grain chips, potato chips,tortilla chips, it doesn’t matter.
  • cookies, crackers, pastries, and snacks of any grain
  • popcorn
  • frozen breakfasts
  • frozen meals and entrees
  • all processed foods
  • potatoes
  • parsnips
  • Peanuts (they’re legumes which are grain carbohydrates)
  • alcohol, (beer, wine, grain alcohol)
  • soda pop
  • energy drinks
  • Ice Cream, unless it sugarfree (then you get to deal with the artificial sweeteners)
  • frozen juices, they nothing but concentrated sugars. What other nutrition juice has, isn’t worth the trade-off of the amount of sugars it puts into your system.
  • frozen waffles
  • pancakes
  • hash browns
  • coffee creamer
  • any sandwich with bread use lettuce to put your sandwich between instead of bread
  • Breakfast Bars
  • Pop Tarts
  • Most all breakfast foods except bacon, sausage and eggs
  • pop corn
  • Rice Wafers

You can’t eat these foods, and stay healthy. They change your blood sugars too much. They’re way too high on the glycemic index. That’s why you need to transition your diet to a diet higher in protein and fat. Your body needs calories, so consider, what is the best source of calories.

Carbs have 4 calories per gram, fat has 9 calories per gram.

Which of these foods is more efficient, is what you should be asking yourself. 

Always remember to read the label of what you buy. Check the ingredients. Know what you’re putting in your body. This is the only way you can keep this food out of your body.

The alternative to a carb diet is,  a keto diet, or ketogenic diet. With fat being more than twice as efficient as carbs, it’s a wonder that we still eat them. I’ve been on a MCT ketogenic diet for the last two years and I can’t say enough about what it’s done for my health. My weight came down 60 lbs from a high of 220 lbs 8 years ago, when I started working out. I lost the first 30 pounds in the first month just from water loss. The nice thing about water loss is, that is it includes a good supply of body fat, that comes with it. Fat is water soluble in the body and when your body expels the water, fat comes with it. My problem was that I couldn’t drop my weight any further, until I changed my diet, two years ago, when I gave up the wheat products and all other grain foods. When I did that, my excess weight just magically disappeared. Within 4 months, I was 15 pounds lower than my prescribed weight, feeling great with far more energy than I’ve ever had. This is the biggest benefit to a Keto diet, more energy. I’ve got more energy than I’ve ever had. I’ve got so much energy, I just wish I knew about this before.

Other benefits of a Keto diet can be found in a myriad of sites around the web extolling the virtues of ketogenic diets. I’ve given you a few links in this post for your research. I hope you do research everything in this post and inform me of what isn’t correct. The only way you’ll know for yourself how dangerous this food is, is by vetting what you read, not only here, but in every other article you read about this subject.

The more I investigate, the more I find that disturbs me, like why does the food industrial complex still advertise this food as being healthy? Why do they advertise it as being high fiber? Why is it still advertised, that whole grains are healthy, when they’re not? All of this makes me wonder, just how far will this industry go, to keep poisoning us, just so they can continue to rake in their profits. This brings us to our next problem, why didn’t we know about this before? Again, this is something that will have to wait for another post, as this one is already too long, so stay tuned…

I know how it’s hard it is to quit eating this food, ’cause I did it. You can track my journey here. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But with some perseverance, I did it, I noticed the change after about 1 month of abstinence. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders all of a sudden. The room seemed brighter. All my senses felt crisper and more alive. Everything came easier, standing up, walking, sitting down, even getting out of bed was easier every morning. Everything I was experiencing and beginning to experience proved to me, the value of keeping this food out of my diet. It proved it in such a way, that I’m now doing my level best to convince the rest of my family and the world, just how dangerous this grain is. My continued use of this diet, has not only made my general health better, but more importantly, it’s improved my brain functions to a level I never thought imaginable. By converting my brain over to ketones instead of carbohydrates, it’s allowed me to actually grow my brain, and more importantly my brain functions. My thinking has actually improved quite substantially…even with my disability still affecting me. Crosswords come easier. Names are easier to remember, and even though I still have massive amounts of memory loss, due to my head injury. (The real reason I started and continue this lifestyle.) Even with the severity of my disability, having to live with the loss of short term memory, that not only blocks memories, it blocks reasoning and judgement due to the damage done to my pre-frontal cortex, from the strokes that I had, 31 years ago, I’ve been able to overcome a major portion of what I lost. (I still get to live with the knowledge, that I’ll never get back the mental power, that I had before.)

By using fat as a source of energy, I don’t have to spend nearly as calories digesting my food, because fat is so much more of an efficient fuel. By needing less food, to create the calories I need to fuel my body, I can allow my stomach to go empty for a much longer time now. I don’t have to feed it every 2 hours. I often go as many as 12 or 16 hours without eating anything. 24 hour fasts, are nothing for me to complete, now, quite comfortably even. In short, keto=life carbs=death.

Converting to a state of ketosis has allowed my body to actually go hungry for extended periods of time, without loss of energy or mental faculties, (alertness, clearness of mind, etc) or experiencing emotional roller coaster rides because of the fluctuations in my blood sugar. I don’t worry about any of that because I don’t have the blood glucose flowing through my system, that creates that E-ticket ride. I do this because I can’t afford to get sick. I can’t afford the medications. I can’t afford the hospitalizations. I can’t afford the testing, the procedures, the surgeries, the doctor visits, the specialists visits, and worse yet, I can’t afford to be any more disabled than I am right now. For my story you’ll have to read this account of my disability, ‘How hard it for me to appear normal‘, that I keep for my medical records. It’s already part of my medical records at Cigna, Red Mountain Facility in Mesa, AZ. My doctors know what I have to live with, and even they, are convinced that this “high fat” diet that I started on, close to 2 years ago, is the healthiest diet that I could be on. See the story of my journey.

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