Why No Outrage? Why No Warnings About Carbs?

Why No Outrage? Why No Warnings About Carbs?


When ugly people do ugly things, it has a tendency to catch people’s attention. As with the recent acts of terrorism. Ugly people acting like bullies, being ugly. Their tactics only work when we agree to be as stupid as they wish, and be afraid. That how bullies work, through fear, and if you don’t fear them, their tactics won’t work.

We’re all outraged about terrorism and the number of lives it’s taken and continues to take, which is understandable. Acts of terrorism are always emotionally senseless acts of violence done simply for political or personal gain. There’s absolutely no rationality to it, except for greed.

Why is it, we’re so afraid of terrorism, when we stand a much more chance of suffering and dying just by getting on the freeway, or by continuing simply to eat our comfort foods.

Terrorism in itself might be responsible for maybe .3% of all deaths.

According to Wikipedia “as of 2002, the percentage of deaths, from intentional injuries, i.e. war, violence and suicide was 2.84%”.  Terrorism as bad as it is has yet to claim as many lives each year, as heart disease or cancer or obesity or type 2 diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease, alone! As bad as terrorism was last year, it still hadn’t claimed a million lives. yet cancer alone was responsible for over 8.2 million deaths or 14.6% of all human deaths in 2012. That’s 22,465 deaths per day, worldwide, due to cancer. Heart disease was the number one cause of death with 17.3 million deaths in 2013. That was 47,397 deaths per day. In 2002 it was responsible for 29.34% of all deaths.”  In 2013, it was up to 31.5 %.

It’s sad how we’ve become complacent in our acceptance of the death toll of cancer and heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. They take far more lives than any heroin or prescription drug abuse take, yet I don’t hear anybody ever talking about it. It’s just assumed we’re doing everything we can to lower it. I’ll admit that they doing all that they can to find more treatments for all these diseases. Why are there so few of us looking for a cure? My cure is simple, remove that which is responsible for most disease, inflammation. If you can limit the inflammation you can limit the effects of the disease. Eliminate the inflammation and you can eliminate the disease.

The reason our complacency exists is that we assume that we are doing all we can. My question to that assumption is, are we? Have you stopped eating bread yet? Have you gone ketogenic yet? Eliminate the inflammation to eliminate the disease. Eliminate the carbohydrate diet and you will eliminate the inflammation that is the root cause of most disease.Can it really be that simple? Maybe not easy, but simple it is. There are a few others who are also talking cure along with me, yet their voices are drowned out by the sound of our celebration of the marketing of this addiction. You know the power of a ketogenic diet and how healthy it is. Only through a ketogenic diet will our society be able to put an end to these diseases.

1/2 of all cancers can be linked to excessive carbohydrate consumption. 1/2 of all cardiovascular diseases can be linked to excessive carbohydrates consumption.
ECC – Excessive Carbohydrate Consumption is responsible for as much as 42% of all deaths, a minimum of 24 million deaths each year.

I know that sounds outrageous. I think it is outrageous. Yet, I never hear any outrage, about the number of people’s lives that these diseases claim. Allow me to show you exactly how these grain-based foods – breads, cereals and pastas (high starch carbs) if removed from the diet, would reduce the occurrence of these diseases by a minimum of 80%. Yes, a reduction of 80% in the occurrences of these diseases, in aggregate, simply by removing the excessive consumption of high starch carbohydrate foods from our diet. Why isn’t this treated as a medical condition? It has a very simple cure, don’t eat these types of food anymore.

Reducing the occurrence of these diseases would have a couple adverse side effects to our society, reducing the need for the medical community to treat these diseases and eliminating the need for diet companies. I haven’t researched how big of an industry the diet and health industry is, but it would definitely have an effect on it, and it might force a lot of people to seek alternative employment.

I tend to wonder if this is why most doctors won’t discourage their patients from consuming it? I think mostly, it’s just a matter of ignorance, They don’t know, or they don’t want to know because of their own addiction. (Once you kick the addiction, you can see its influence in those who doubt this concept, the most.) Maybe it’s because of their patients addiction to it and their fear of losing their patients to their addiction. This happens when the addiction speaks louder than a patient’s personal health, the patient will find a doctor who will treat them with pills or surgery instead of giving up their addiction. That in itself is proof of the addictive nature of this food.

4,100,000 Preventable Deaths From Cancer Each Year!

Where’s the outrage?

When you add cancer deaths of over 8.2 million in 2012, half of which are linked to diet, to the 17,3 million deaths from heart disease, 90% of which are preventable, that adds up to 25.5 million deaths each year, 77% of which are completely preventable. That’s 19.67% of all deaths, worldwide,  each year are completely preventable and it doesn’t count the deaths from any of the other diseases that come from being obese or from having type 2 diabetes or type 3 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which are completely preventable also.

5,000,000 Preventable Deaths From

Alzheimer’s Disease Each Year!

Where’s The Outrage?

It’s hard to say exactly how many people die from Alzheimer’s disease. With a life expectancy of just six years after diagnosis and with between 21 million and 35 million (as of 2010), having the disease, that means that there will be approximately another 30 million deaths (give or take 3-5 million) from Alzheimer’s disease alone, within the next 6 years. That’s 5 million each year, 90% of those diseases are preventable.I never hear any outrage about the number of people’s lives that these diseases claim.

After experiencing what I’ve experienced and researching what I’ve researched,  I can link 1/2 of all cancers directly to diet. With that said, combine 4.1 million deaths from cancer that could be saved with the 90% of the 17.3 million deaths from heart diseases (15,570,000) and you get a total of 19,670,000 deaths each year that are completely preventable, simply by making a simple yet major diet change. Don’t yield to the addiction of this food and buy into the lifetime of a need to purchase drugs to combat the diseases that these foods cause.

15.570,000 Preventable Deaths From Cardiovascular Disease Each Year!

Where’s the outrage?

According to Wikipedia, “Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally.[1] This is true in all areas of the world except Africa.[1] Together they resulted in 17.3 million deaths (31.5%) in 2013 up from 12.3 million (25.8%) in 1990.[2]“ “It is estimated that 90% of CVD is preventable.[3] Prevention of atherosclerosis is by decreasing risk factors through; healthy eating, exercise, avoidance of tobacco smoke and limiting alcohol intake.[1] 90% of 17.3 is 15.57 which attributes to 15.57 million deaths, due to heart diseases that are preventable. That, to me is nothing short of astounding, yet where’s the outrage?

Although relatively few die from obesity alone (usually because the obesity leads to something worse, first), it leads into so many other diseases, that it is indirectly attributable to more deaths than many of these other diseases. Type 2 diabetes, obesity’s first disease of death, is what leads to many cancers and heart diseases alone and is why its danger is unparalleled. That’s why its control is paramount. If you can control diabetes, you can control every disease it plays a part in. And, it plays a part in most of the deadliest diseases; half dozen cancers, half dozen cardiovascular or heart diseases. And most importantly, it happens in the ones that kill the most people.

Looking at just cancer and cardiovascular disease, they’re responsible for more than 25.5 million deaths a year as of 2013. Half of those deaths are due to high carbohydrate consumption, either directly or indirectly. Usually, it’s indirectly and that is where the trouble lies. Because it is indirectly, it’s practically unseen. It was unseen until Dr. Davis and Dr. Perlmutter uncovered all the evidence. Studies were done and the results (evidence) were quietly stored away for years, with little notice that the studies that produced the evidence ever got published or even announced that they existed.

It’s Time For A Cure!

But there was enough evidence there to influence these doctors to write two books about the danger, Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. I had already quit eating bread before I read Wheat Belly, but as I read it, it was validating everything that was happening to my body, since I gave it up. Wheat Belly led me to Grain Brain, which gave me the tools that I needed to piece this blog together.

But I must give credit where credit is due. Dr. Daniel Amen had persuaded me to give up bread after reading his book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age. In his book, he spent more time talking about eating a healthy diet, than any other one thing. At least, that was his lengthiest chapter. It was Thanksgiving 2013 and I weighed 195 lbs at the time, 40lbs more than what I carry now.

After working out extensively for 6 years and not being able to get past the first 30 lbs I lost, in the first month I had started, I decided that it must be my diet. I was eating healthy, very healthy, I thought. It wasn’t until I quit eating bread that I found out just how unhealthy it really was. After losing 20 lbs in one month after quitting bread, I decided to give up all grains. When I mention bread, I’m talking about all bread and cereal products, including pasta, crackers and breakfast foods. If it was made of wheat, I wouldn’t touch it.

In only one month I dropped to a weight, lower than what’s prescribed for my height (175 lbs), I was at 165 lbs when I decided to quit all grain foods. I lost another 10 lbs, down to 155lbs. That’s about where I “hover” now. I say hover because my weight fluctuates with what I’m doing with my diet. Today, for example, my weight is down to about 151lbs, because I’ve been on a calorie restriction diet for the last 45 days since I started writing this blog. This action alone has been more beneficial for my brain, in particular, than anything I’ve ever done for it in my lifetime. Of course, it’s done wonders for my body and my immune system. When I go hungry I’m creating Ghrelin in my stomach. I can feel the hunger pangs right now, but I’d rather sit here and write than get up and get something to eat.

I’ve learned that it’s those hunger pangs that tells me my stomach is creating the Ghrelin that activates BDNF in my brain which in turn is building me a bigger and better brain. Everything I’ve done in the last 45 days has virtually proven what this diet can achieve, something a carbohydrate diet can’t. When you read my about me page and compare that to what I’ve accomplished in the last 45 days since I started this blog, it’s astonishing. At least it is to me. I have never been able to do anything like this before in my entire life. Nobody ever thought I could ever do this after my brain injury 31 years ago. I never thought I could do it. I had always thought, brain cells don’t grow back. At least it had made a nice excuse for me, for all the fubars I was responsible for.

use-your-brain-humorous-illustration-concept-56099179It’s Time For A Cure!

That was until I read Dr. Perlmutter’s book Grain Brain and learned that you actually can grow brain cells. I learned that thinner people have bigger brains and that calorie restriction helps build brain cells and new neural networks to connect those cells. It just takes the right formula, a formula that doesn’t include any grains or starches.

High starch food just doesn’t have enough nutrition to compensate for the overload of glucose it pours into your system.

The system it starts with is your digestive system. Then it moves to your circulatory system where it can affect every other system, and then your brain, pancreas, and kidneys and eventually most all other organs until it gives us the statistics above. Since the most ubiquitous forms of these diseases involve inflammation, and these foods are a major cause of inflammation, doesn’t it make sense that if you removed these foods from the diet, you would remove a major cause of the diseases that are influenced by it?

Why are they still promoted like they are?
Where’s the recommendation from more doctors to stop eating it?
There’s absolutely no rationality to it, except greed.
Where’s the outrage?

To take a look at how removing carbs out of the diet of everyone worldwide could lead to the end of terrorism worldwide, visit, My Thoughts on the Eradication of Carbs From Our Society.