Carbs, Industry Concerns Of Dispelling Wheat And Grains

What moves America forward, more than anything else, is corporate advancement. Hence, the control of corporations in the America is what drives this advancement.

If any major change is to occur within the realms of modern society, it must be done, on a corporate level. This brings us to the dilemma of how to change the behavior of millions of people, all who are addicted to these substances and worse yet addicted to what corporate America tells them. They tell them how to think, how to eat and what to drink, primarily what they should be eating and drinking. This puts them in control of the amount of sugar we consume, which in turn, controls  our emotions, to put  us ‘under their spell’, so to speak. They’re never going to want to give that up. That’s something that we have to take back. and that’s why I named this site, Save Our Dignity. In order to effect, changes in the food industry, primarily the grain industry, we need to make corporate America to know, that we’re tired of this abuse.

It must be incorporated into this network of our society, that change must happen. The problem therein lies, this industry is huge. It’s comprised of, probably more companies, than any other industry, in the world, as food is the most important commodity that’s marketed worldwide. The number of companies within this industry is almost unimaginable. So how do we change the behavior of this much of our society. hint, hint.  It can’t be done overnight. It’s going to take the efforts of everyone in society, to make a change, this grandiose, which means it’s going to take a while.

Corporate industry, the food industry primarily, must confront the dangers, that they are imposing the entire world, by continuing to grow, manufacture, market, advertise and sell this devastating food that causes so many illnesses and diseases. They must understand that killing their customers, is not a solid business plan.

I realize that many of the crop seed companies, (Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, Land O’ Lakes, Bayer and many other over seas), had a lot of the money tied up in pharmaceuticals, as well as manufacturing the crop seed, (much of it genetically modified). Even though many of those companies liquidated their investments in the pharmaceutical side of the industry, many of these companies still have ties to each other, which begs the question, were coverups initiated to help hide these facts? It conjures, in my mind, the question of how threatened did they feel if any of this information was released to the public? Are these valid arguments? I think so. And I think, they deserve further investigation. This endeavor, is where it gets interesting. With corporate America in so much control of how our society functions, it’s occurred to me that nothing is going to happen, until corporate America, the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, in general must change their behavior, They must discontinue the marketing and advertising of these products, so as to not persuade the public that they need to continue to eat  this garbage. The question arises, how do you make a company cut it’s own throat. Because if anything were to interrupt the flow of their finances, how long can they stay in business? This brings is to the core of what we need to work toward to change, and changing it, may result in much of this industry disappearing.

The drink industry, for example, they’re probably the most guilty of any, for slipping this dangerous food into our diet, by loading up their drinks with high-fructose corn syrup, sugar,  Aspartame,  Cyclamate,  Saccharin,  Sucralose,  Acesulfame potassium,  malt syrup, Lead acetate,  any many other that I have trouble  pronouncing, like maltodextrinmaltitolmaltotrioseIcodextrin,  and too many forms of oligosaccharides to list here. To find them all, you need to refer to every food label on every can of soft drink, that’s on the market. Convincing the beverage industry of finding other sources of sweeteners is already beginning  to take place. A lot of manufacturers are starting to offer drinks sweetened with stevia, a completely natural, non-caloric sweetener, that’s super concentrated, when it’s offered in powdered form. My wish, is for the transformation of all sweetened drinks to stevia instead of the high sugar sweeteners, like all of those listed above. Can you imagine what this would do, to get this dangerous substance out of our diet? I can. You can visit my dream page here.

So how do we replace the lost business and everything else that goes along with it, the jobs and careers, the investment of millions of Americans,  who’ve all invested in these companies(through their IRA’s, Keoghs, investment funds, etc). How do we take away all of that? The problem is, you can’t, and that’s where the problem of dispelling this problem lies. You have to replace what you take away, with healthier options. Healthier for the body, healthier for business and corporate America. My contention is, that business or corporate America, and the health of the individual run hand in hand. They depend on each other. They’re crucial to each other’s survival.

Why then, doesn’t the food industry understand this basic fundamental law of business, that killing your customers with inferior products, is killing your industry? Are they that indebted to the pharmaceutical industry, that they have to keep sending them customers? Man O man does this open up a can of worms, making the construction of this post, an endeavor that I can wish upon anyone! But, I’m going to try to untangle this quagmire, so stay tuned. The eradication of this dangerous carbohydrate out of our diet, is going to take a global effort, because of it’s presence, everywhere. But with the help of industry, it might be possible to just do so. 

It's time for a cure