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Bread, The Staff of Death

Bread, The Staff of Death

I know that bread is supposed to be the staff of life. I know that’s what the Bible tells us. So does the Torah, and the Quran. That’s because these groups of people have been eating this substance longer than anyone else in the world. Wheat has long been a staple for western Asians and Europeans and now, Americans. It’s grown out of our cradle of civilization and we’ve grown addicted to it right out of our cradles.

Bread has been with us for more than our lifetimes and that is part of what makes it so dangerous now. Because we all grew up with it, we’ve been addicted to it all of our lives, making it more difficult to break from, than any other addiction. Because it’s such an integral part of our society, that makes it even harder to conquer.

But conquer it we must if we’re to save our society from all of the illness and disease we’re fighting right now and advance to the stars and find other planets to live on. We all know that this planet is getting too small for our expanding population and if we’re to survive as a species, we need to find alternatives for everything destructive that we have allowed to creep into our lives.

Unfortunately, that includes bread, the staff of life. What used to be the staff of life is now the staff of death. This is mostly due to the genetic modifying that has taken place in our growing fields. With the introduction of GMO crop seed, it’s changed the face of our diet, worldwide. Even though these new crops are able to feed millions of more people, they’re doing it, at what cost? Of the millions of people it’s feeding, it’s them feeding them disease and death, due to the massive amount of glucose being introduced into everybody who eats it. This glucose is basically glue. That’s what gluten means in Latin and it’s this stuff that is gumming up everyone’s body that eats this glue. Gluten, after all, is the basis of most grains. In wheat, it’s particularly bad, because of its contents are of amylose and amylopectin, the foundation of amyloid plaque, which is the foundation of more disease than any other kind of plaque.

What started out as a way to feed the masses and try to stave off starvation, became deadlier than  5 nuclear bombs. People every, are dying from digesting this food. But, that’s not the saddest part of this story. Everyone dying is dying without any dignity because of what this food does to your brain. It eats it up and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you shut it off at the spigot.

Bread eats up your brain in multiple ways, starting with the gliadin in gluten. Gliadin has the ability to make your body send out anti-gliadin antibodies which have the ability to eat up brain cells in your cerebellum. That spells brain damage and there’s nothing you can do about it, if you eat bread. The more bread you eat, the more brain you lose. It’s that simple. I’m sorry, but that’s the story. You can’t change it unless you stop the consumption of it.

Bread has always had a capability to do this, just not to the extent, it does so today. Bread has always eaten up our brains, but past varieties of wheat were not nearly as destructive as they are today, with the emergence of GMOs.

This is what makes bread so dangerous today. The high glucose content of bread not only feeds your brain these anti-gliadin antibodies, the amylose and amylopectin found in the gluten of wheat, contribute to amyloid plaque, which is the foundation of more illnesses and diseases than any other single substance we electively put in our bodies (even cigarette smoke).

Addiction Promoted by Grain Industry

Because the industry, in trying to make a buck, has addicted our entire society to this substance, our entire society has an enormous addiction to fight. And fight it we must. If we don’t fight it, a world of hurt lies directly in our path.

The world of hurt includes; a multitude of cardiovascular diseases, most cancers, almost all digestive disorders, 98% all brain disorders, and continued addiction to keep feeding these diseases. This, in my opinion, is the biggest and worst crime ever committed on the American public and the world. It has to stop and the quicker it happens, the better for our society.

I mentioned above that we need to conquer it to go to the stars. You’re probably wondering why I mentioned this. (Bravo to those who already know.) We cannot go to the stars on a carbohydrate diet. A carb diet requires too much food to sustain it, to give us the ability to exist in space where we won’t be able to grow food for centuries to come. That means that we need another food source other than carbs and guess what? Using fat in the diet to sustain us, is the only way our species will thrive in the stars. Here’s the key, our diet must not rely on carbs in space. It just requires too much food to be sustainable.

Carbs require you to replenish your reserves every couple hours or so and that kind of sustenance will not work in space. We’ll be required to go longer lengths of time between meals and that means we must make every meal last that much longer, if we’re to travel to the stars. To me it’s simple.

Being on an MTC ketogenic diet myself, I now know the diet, that will sustain us in our travels to the stars and it’s not a carbohydrate diet. If’ we remain resigned to our carbohydrate diet, we’ll also have to take massive amounts of medications to the stars with us to combat all the disorders and diseases that these carbs are responsible for. That to me is not sustainable. Medications always bring with them, side effects. Medications don’t usually cure a disease as much as they just make the symptoms of the disease tolerable. In space, we’ll require the ability to cure diseases, not just treat them. Treatment is only for those who wish to continue taking medications. That is totally unsustainable in space.

If we’re to move to the stars, we have to do it without a carbohydrate diet. It’s that simple. To me, it’s time for a cure and you can’t find it with medication. The only way it can only be done, is through diet. Just say no to glucose. Just say no to bread, what used to be our staff of life, has become our staff of death.

It’s become apparent to me that our society is more concerned with profits than they are with health. This love affair with profits is what’s costing our society it’s health as a society and costing everyone within our society, dearly….quite often to the point of sacrificing lives for the sake of addiction and profits.