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How Safe is the Food You Eat?

Monsanto’s Meddling in our Lives

Remember the “Better Living Through Chemistry” slogan dating back to the 30’s? DuPont’s actual slogan was “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry” and dates back to 1935 It was used until 1982. The phrase Better Living Through Chemistry was used to circumvent trademark infringement. Although DuPont was responsible for that phrase, it’s one of their competitors that’s doing their best to contaminate the world’s food supply by spraying glyphosate pesticides on 80% of the crops harvested. The chemicals used in the glyphosate are the same chemicals used in many pharmaceuticals.

Monsanto’s corporate history shows how this ruse could have been orchestrated to achieve the results that they’ve achieved today. They force their farmers (by contract) to spray these chemicals on their crops multiple times throughout their life-cycle, the last time an extra heavy dousing in a process called desiccating just days or weeks before harvest. This ensures the inclusion of these chemicals in your diet if you eat any of their food.

Unfortunately, those foods include all foods made from grains and sugar, most vegetables, 80% of all potatoes. Potatoes are roots and this pesticide kills by killing the root. This is how Monsanto is responsible for an extraordinary amount of glycation that takes place in your body if you eat their foods. This glycation is responsible for all modern major disease known to man. It also explains why fasting is so healthy for curing disease. Fasting stops the glycation process by taking away its fuel, glucose.

I wonder; did Monsanto know of glycation’s destructive effects on the body when they acquired GD Searle in 1985? That was only two years after they learned how to genetically modify a plant cell, leading to the engineering of GMO seeds that they could engineer to withstand the chemicals in their glyphosate herbicide, Roundup. The chemicals they use in the glyphosate, they also use in many pharmaceuticals due to their therapeutic properties of how they’re able to dictate how a medicine works. What this means is they can engineer their crops to produce food that creates a need for their medicines. It’s even easier when this particular food is addictive. All they had to do is to make it more addictive. This is exactly what glyphosate does. It makes everything it’s sprayed on, more addictive and deadly.

So, who do we really thank for medical problems that occur these days? In one word, Monsanto. In two words? Monsanto and Syngenta. Now that Bayer has acquired Monsanto, you have three to thank, at least, Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta. This is their idea of better living through chemistry.

It may be better living for them, but it certainly isn’t for you or your family. For you and your family, it’s  genocide done on an industrial scale. I’ll let you decide if it’s criminal or not. But don’t wait until you lose family members. I know what your answer will be then. Your verdict will be the same as mine, criminality to the fullest extent that has ever been expressed in the world, whether modern or ancient. No ruse, no war, no single cause has taken more lives than this one has.

This is the doom of the Glucose Ruse,

to use you and your money to fuel

an ever-growing towing

on your own senses and recollections,

just to fill the coffers of a few corporations

that are chemically in their control of the whole

stroll of your life. We know where it takes its toll

and it’s none other than in your soul.

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