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The Nature of Addiction to Sugar

Our Addiction to Sugar and its True Costs

Or why we are an obese, diabetic, diseased society stricken with fear, anger, terrorism all driven by hunger.

I can sum this one up in one word, ADDICTION!  Addiction to sugar and carbs. Only addiction can drive a society to act and react like our race has been doing for the last 10,000 years. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m going to tell you just why I think this way. I’ll try to give you evidence of why I think like this and let you be the judge. As a species, we’ve been cultivating wheat for just about as long, I think 11,000 years.

When you start to analyze the history of man, too many of our wars and conquests were really driven basically by hunger. Afterall survival is driven by hunger and many wars are attributed to survival. Terrorism basically has been with us since we were homo-erectus. We’ve just magnified it in the last 50 years, due to chemicals that have been introduced into our diet through the spraying of a glyphosate pesticide, Roundup.

Since I changed my diet, a whole new world of healthy living has opened up for me and the nicest blessing of it is the lack of pain that comes with it.

It started 5 years ago when I was trying to lose weight past a certain point that I couldn’t past, even though I was exercising 4-5 times a week for 3-4 hours each time. I decided it had to do with what I was eating and sure enough, as soon as I gave up the bread, weight started disappearing. I felt so great just after giving up the bread that I decided to give up all grains….even my precious steel cut oats. (For the extent of my life, I thought that oatmeal was supposed to be good for you.) After I gave up all grains I lost more weight, lost more pain, had fewer headaches, as they’d almost become a thing of the past at this point. I then decided to give up all carbs. That was a tough decision. I wrestled with it for weeks, before I did it, but when I did finally “take the leap”, my whole life changed like I never anticipated.

I learned that the one food that I had been encouraged to eat my whole life, was the one food that was tearing down my body while it was tearing down my brain. This is the food that’s been making me sick. And I thought it was supposed to be good for me. I, like you, had been duped. I’ve learned over the last 5 years, that our bodies survive much better without any kind of carb intrusion at all.

I’ve learned in the last 3 years, why the digestion of carbs and sugar create virtually all disease. I learned in the last 2 years that that action of why carbs drag us down so much (glycation), has been magnified by multiple applications of a glyphosate pesticide the inhibits enzymes, in the nature of how it kills weeds. It’s also killing massive amounts of people. In my book, the increase in the frequency of occurrence, the increased severity, and in the number of cases reported of all modern major diseases follow the same graph lines as the usage of glyphosate pesticides sprayed on all GMO crops. (over a million lbs a year is sprayed.) Isn’t industrial farming something to behold? Maybe for the investor but not for the farmer, consumer, or the public at large. For them, it’s downright deadly. More than that, it costly emotionally and well as financially and physically. It’s costly to the point of your life. Just ask Senator John McCain about his glioblastoma (brain cancer).

Monsanto can continue to deny this, that their pesticide Roundup was ever dangerous, but they won’t be able to much longer. Lawsuits are already starting to stack up in the courthouses, with farmers and crop-dusters suing Monsanto for the cancer they’ve gotten just from handling the chemicals. Think how a lifetime of consumption is going to affect one’s health. Little by little, it eats away at your health by changing the way your enzymes work. This is Monsanto’s gift to mankind. I guess it’s their idea of “better living through chemistry.”

It’s definitely not my idea. and this is why I blame a good portion of the woes of society, today, on this industry. But it’s really not their fault either. It’s the fault of misplaced trust in gov’t agencies to keep us safe by what they recommend for us to eat. The USDA, for example, tells us what to put on our plate according to what the farmer can grow the most of. Not what’s healthy to eat. It’s really pretty simple. They won’t recommend what’s safe to eat probably due to Monsanto’s industrial farming control. That, and the control they have over the pharmaceutical industry. (Their chemicals are everywhere, literally.)

The problem here is that Monsanto owns a majority of farmers in America by having them all contracted to grow their GMO wheat, sugar, corn, soy, oats, rice, cotton, and a whole lot more. They virtually ended the seed-cleaning business in Indiana, simply to sell more of their GMO seed to more farmers, so they could sell more Roundup. Seed cleaning used to be a pretty thriving business in farming communities. They made their money from cleaning a certain portion of a farmer’s crop to give him back seed to plant next year. This was how genetic engineering took place for hundreds of years. But, since Monsanto has patented genetic engineering of plants and seeds, now, it’s a whole different story.

What used to be a family venture, running the farm, is now an industrial venture, almost completely corporate controlled. We just learned how corporate controls things. They have to control things for the bottom line only in many cases. Their shareholders demand it. So they’re forced to hurt, injure and harm their consumers all for the sake of increasing shareholder returns. That’s the law of capitalism where the gain is the bottom line.

This is the nature of corporate control, to control a market to the extent that you find multiple avenues of income through your extensive control. This is why they sell the same chemicals to Pfizer. Pfizer used to be a part of Monsanto before it became Pfizer. It was Pharmacia, then, and they sell the same drugs now, that they sold then. Monsanto provides them with the same chemicals that they douse their crops with to put in their medicines.

With its placements of directors, lawyers and lobbyists in the halls of the USDA, FDA, EPA and maybe even the CDC, Monsanto has pretty taken over control of these agencies. All of these agencies that are supposed to be regulating Monsanto’s industries and companies. Because Monsanto pretty much controls what the USDA says, they’ve led our society to the brink of disaster by making and keeping everybody sick and hungry and worse yet even more addicted than they were when they were born. Yeah, this is an addiction that everyone has, as everyone was born into it. These industries use this addiction to take your money multiple times.

Actually, you pay this industry more than any other entity. When you buy groceries, you’re paying this industry. When you buy medicine for the pain that their food creates, you’re paying this industry. When they ultimately hospitalize you for heart disease or cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll be paying them again. You’ll forever be in their hold once you start on their medications. From then, it’s all downhill into an abyss of pain, misery, and lingering death.

It’s the USDA that recommends what to put on your plate to eat. Pretty much every other agency follows suit and recommends the same food. Why? This is now food that Monsanto grows. They grow it through their contracted farmers all growing their glyphosate ready seed that they will spray the chemicals on, multiple times. And yes, this does eventually make you sick, if you eat it, but only if you eat it. Although, I do fear groundwater contamination now. With the spraying so prevalent, groundwater is getting contaminated, now. Bees are also dying due to glyphosate spraying. But that’s another story. We’re talking about what the Roundup does to our bodies and why they can do it, right now. It’s because what they sell as food, is addictive, to begin with.

Monsanto uses that against us. They know our society is addicted. They’ve worsened it, by far. They’ve taken our addiction and turned it to their favor by ramping it up. This increases the need for the pharmaceuticals Pfizer sells. Do you smell a rat? I smell a Glucose Ruse. The biggest and by far, worst joke ever to be played on mankind. What Monsanto has done is create a world of anger, animosity, and antagonism by playing our emotions against us. Our President is a shining example of the fear that extreme carbolism creates. Only fear could drive him to do the things he’s apparently done throughout his life to get where he’s gotten. Because of his addiction, everything in his brain is deranged. You can see the derangement in his body and in his demeanor.

Because of our addiction, everything in our bodies and brains is deranged. Everything. I know. I gave up the carbs and learned the truth. You’d have to give them up also, to fully know the truth. You may have suspected this for a while, but you’ll never know the real truth until you break the addiction that you were born with. Once you break this addiction a whole new world opens up, mostly due to the mental clarity you gain without the grains. But, also due to the increase in energy you’ll experience. The longer you stay away from carbs, the more energy you get and the more intelligent you get, and the healthier you ultimately get. Illnesses will become a thing of the past, but you have to give up the carbs for this to happen.

I blame our current state of affairs on a Supreme Court decision that gives corporations the same rights as individuals, even though they don’t have the same moral compass, or do they always adhere to the law. How do you put a corporation in jail for murder? You can’t. You can only fine them.

How can you hold a corporation accountable for genocide? Monsanto’s Roundup and glyphosate pesticides are directly responsible for more deaths in the last 40 years than any other single cause. The Glucose Ruse that they’d perpetrated has and is responsible for over 2000 death every day in America, alone. Imagine what it is around the whole world? Now that glyphosate has been generically made since the patent expired in 2000, everyone is making it.

Our Supreme Court has basically given their approval to this when they agreed to allow all corporations to have the same rights as a person who has to live by the law. We know how much corporations skirt the law. They have to. Their bylaws tell them to take all steps necessary to increase profits and boost the investment for the shareholders. That’s the way capitalism works and that’s how America became great.

This fact of the manner in which capitalism works, combined with the hunger, fear, and anger cycles created by a carbohydrate diet is what drives the insanity that takes place almost everywhere in the world. It must change is our society is to survive. Monsanto is the driving force behind this corruption and only control of Monsanto will change this. Monsanto needs to own up to their involvement. They need to stop the production of these chemicals that are killing us. They have to stop claiming that their glyphosate is more beneficial than harmful. It isn’t and they lie for the benefit of their shareholders, just like most other corporations.


 We should all look like this;

If you don’t, Your cure is here!

Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

The original story of tainted food designed to make and keep you sick to need more medication.

Extended Details of Tainted Food:

The story of tainted food that’s been engineered over the last 50 years to cause more destruction to your body, requiring you to need more medications. All done for the sake of profit.

Full Details of Tainted Food:


The complete story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry for the sole purpose of profit.


Carbs, My Life Without Them

My Life Without Carbs

This is the best part of my journey, getting to share with you, all of my experiences since I first gave up this horrid food. My first impulse is to think, I can’t say enough about the benefits I’ve received and experienced from being on this ketogenic diet. But, I’m going to try to lay out as many of them as I can, explaining how it’s benefited me, and more importantly, how I can save money by allowing those benefits to continue, by remaining on my keto diet. This, to me, is the most important part, of why I’m doing this.

Carb vs Low Carb diet
Carb vs Low Carb diet

The first benefits I received, I hinted to in my last post, so I’ll list those “enlightenment feelings” that I first felt, here also. I call them enlightenment  feelings, because of the weight they lifted off my shoulders when I suddenly realized that I had complete control of my weight. And because I had complete control of my weight, I had much better control of my health. It actually took about a month for the enlightenment to come. But once it came, I knew it, and I knew it firmly. It may have been the most liberating experience I’ve felt since I rode my motorcycle from coast to coast, border to border, and then some. But, that was 35 years ago before my severe closed head injury changed my life.

After spending 29 years gaining weight, from a relatively sedentary life, after living with hemiplegia for 29 years from the two strokes I had in 1984, after living with chronic pain for 20 years (pain bad enough it became nauseous at times), after more than twelve years of opioid medication to fight the pain, along with antidepressants, and a multitude of other drugs and supplements meant to counteract the side effects of the opioid medication (weight gain, constipation, dull senses, growing dumber each day, prostate enlargement and too may others to list here), after countless acupuncture sessions, after more nerve blocks than I ever should have had, after searching for any drug, any device – mechanical or electrical – every therapy, and even after researching all surgical options, I’d had enough.  The opioids did nothing but make me fat, lazy and stupid, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided 2 years ago, that I was going to stop eating bread, and that was it. I was still going to keep eating other carbs, but I wasn’t going to eat bread or anything that had any type of “bread product” in it. I told my family that, and I don’t think they believed me. I really don’t think anyone in my family thought that I could re-arrange my lifestyle, to allow for this change in behavior. I call it a change in behavior because that’s what it actually is. It take’s a change in your behavior, to fully give up carbs. This change in behavior has been so beneficial for me, that I don’t know if I can explain all the benefits here, and still keep this post to less than 2000 words. But I’ll try.

You have to know this! The biggest benefit I received right off the bat (after about a month), was the weight loss I experienced, that I could not achieve, while I was eating carbs. I not only had lost the 10 lbs I was overweight, I lost another 10 lbs on top of that. I could do things, all of a sudden, that I couldn’t do since before my brain injury, 31 years prior. This actually brought about a new life in me. I’m not tired all the time like I use to be. Although I can (and do sometimes), work all day long on an empty stomach, I’m not hungry. Yes, I feel the hunger pangs, but they’re so easy to ignore, that after a few seconds they disappear, and I don’t feel them anymore. That, in my estimation, is the greatest gift this diet has given me. My ability to go hour after hour after hour after hour, sometimes up to 16 hours, if I need to, without eating and most importantly without running out of energy. What a blessing this diet has been for me. Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter. You’ll never believe how much money I save, by not going down the bread aisle at the grocery store, anymore, or the pasta aisle anymore. Staying out of the bakery has probably saved me the most money. I know it’s done more to save my life and preserve my health than it’s saved me in money, that I would have spent on groceries. The benefit it’s been for my health is truly unsurpassable, to say the least.

Let’s go through a few of these benefits that I’ve experienced starting approximately 23 months ago;

  1. Weight lifted off my shoulders  This was the feeling I first had when I realized that I was in full control of my weight and henceforth, my health. As I said before, this was the most liberating experience I’ve ever felt since my coast to coast motorcycle ride. What an exhilarating experience, I hadn’t felt that alive, like I said, in 35 years. All of my senses were growing keener, my capabilities were expanding at what felt like an exponential rate. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like shouting from the rooftops. I’m not the only one this has happened to. It happened to one of my best friends, who went on a keto diet to help him with his high PSA levels, failing kidney functions, deep vein thrombosis and the threat of cancer after having a kidney removed due to a tumor on it. His keto diet had allowed him to drop his medication list from 23 medications to 14, in the first 6 months. He’s since dropped his medication list down again to 8 medications. He tells me, he’s blowing his doctors away because none of them are familiar with the benefits of this diet. He’s teaching them.
  2. More Energy is quite possibly the biggest benefit I’ve experienced. I honestly know what it’s like to run efficiently, on empty. This was a feeling that was completely foreign to me, prior to my transformation. I’ve never been able to keep going, like this before, on an empty stomach. And I do it day after day after day, never losing energy or stamina. My energy levels have risen to the extent, that I often work 18 hour days with few breaks and only one meal, that I nibble on throughout the day the day. I seldom have to stop just to eat. I only do so after being reminded, that I need to put something in my body, to keep it going. I sometimes get, strange feeling the hunger pangs without feeling hungry. I tell myself to embrace this feeling because when this happens, I’m setting my brain up for future growth. Yes, I said that right,
  3. Brain growth. Studies have shown, that the fatter you are the smaller your brain is, and it only diminishes in size the fatter you grow. Studies have also shown that the thinner you are the larger your brain is, and often the exact opposite occurs, the thinner you are, the larger your brain is allowing you to enjoy the benefits of not only having a larger brain but being able to use it. This has to do with the production of BDNF. BDNF is what sets your brain up to allow it to grow, which you can find out more in Grain Brain. “Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also known as BDNF, is a protein[2] that, in humans, is encoded by the BDNF gene.[3][4] BDNF is a member of the neurotrophin family of growth factors, which are related to the canonical Nerve Growth Factor. Neurotrophic factors are found in the brain and the periphery”, according to Wikipedia. “BDNF has also demonstrated to increase the body’s natural antioxidant defenses by boosting enzymes and molecules that are important in quenching excessive free radicals”, as reported by Dr. Perlmutter. As I mention directly below, the hungrier you can go, the more BDNF your body can produce, as calorie restriction increases the production of this brain growth protein/antioxidant booster. Not only calorie restriction enables its production, but exercise also activates the production of this protein, making exercise as important as a good keto diet, to allow the body, to build this protein up in your system. This is what, initially, allowed our hunter-gatherer ancestors, to succeed in the animal world, where other mammals couldn’t keep up with them, in their evolutionary cycle. By running after prey and from predators, their exercise worked to build up their brains and mental powers. This in return allowed modern man to evolve into what we’ve evolved into, a mammal intelligent enough to build the world we live in today and allows us to look into space for the future. I can see how this BDNF in my system, has allowed me to complete these posts in the time in which I’ve written them.
  4. Build up of my immune system. As important as the BDNF, is to brain growth, it’s also an important antioxidant, which is what protects our cells from oxidative damage. Nrf2  is another antioxidant, important to cellular protection. Nrf2 is as important to cellular protection as BDNF is to brain growth. Nrf2 is a basic leucine zipper (bZIP) protein that regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins that protect against oxidative damage triggered by injury and inflammation.[2]. Several drugs that stimulate the NFE2L2 pathway are being studied for the treatment of diseases that are caused by oxidative stress. Not surprisingly, calorie restriction has been demonstrated in a variety of laboratory animals to induce Nrf2 activation”, said Dr. Perlmutter in his book Grain Brain, meaning the hungrier you can stay, the more you’ll build up this important antioxidant protein. And of course, having the ability to increase the amount of this antioxidant in your system, is only going to improve your life, by cutting down on the amount of time you present an illness or disease and that means fewer trips to your doctor. What more can you ask for? I don’t experience headaches anymore, I don’t experience colds or the flu as often as I did before, I just don’t get sick as much as I used to. Even the mucous in my sinuses has abated, not making me blow my nose as much as I used to. This alone has helped cut back on the sinus headaches to the point, to where I only need an Aleve for a headache about once every 2 or 3 months. This is something I could never experience while on my high carb diet. Living without as much illness and disease can save me countless dollars, that I would otherwise waste, just trying to either cure my ailments or even just live with the diseases that I would inevitably have if I were to remain on a carbohydrate diet. We all know how cheap it is, not to get sick,
  5. Pain Control could be the next best thing that’s happened to me. My pain levels have continuously and steadily abated, from the high levels they were at when I was eating carbs. This reduction in pain has opened up, even more, doors for me, as it’s easier to exercise harder, giving me a greater benefit from my workouts, not only for my body but for my brain as well. being able to take advantage of a harder workout allows my body to build greater amounts of BDNF in my system, allowing my system to better regulate the oxidation to my cells that contribute to my pain by not allowing inflammation to infiltrate my body. The inflammation is caused, directly, by eating a high carbohydrate diet. Cut the Carbs Cut the Inflammation. Cut the medical expense. It’s that simple.
  6. Stabilization of Emotions. This is the most important factor of this diet, as far as everyone who interacts with me on a daily basis knows,  I now don’t lose my temper as often. I don’t get frustrated as often, I don’t have the mood swings that I used to have, from the fluctuations in my blood glucose. That’s something that only happens on a high carb diet. On low carb diets, they’re virtually non-existent. I often wish that this information had been known 31 years ago. I wonder if it had, would a better diet had enabled me, to speed my healing, 31 years ago? I knew, then, that whole grains were good for me, because it was professed everywhere I went. Even though a good portion of these studies were available of examination at that time, few doctors, specialists, or nutritionists knew of them, because of the suppression of the studies. Who suppressed them and why, is going to take up, probably, multiple posts, to completely untangle that quagmire. The fact remains, that I am much more even-tempered now, simply because my blood sugars don’t fluctuate because I have virtually no blood glucose in my system. My system runs on fat and ketones, because fat, is more than 200% more efficient than carbs. Is it any wonder, that you have to eat so many of them, to get just half the energy out of them? My body runs so much better on this “high octane” fuel, that I save money every time I don’t go out to eat, because I won’t eat what they want to feed me. I have to be very careful when I dine out, and you should too, because restaurants know the cycle that bread puts your through, how it makes you hungry just after you eat it, because of the fluctuations in your blood sugars. That’s why they’re happy to give you a bread basket, as soon as your seated. They’re often taken with the hostess as she seats you, because they know that those rolls, biscuits, bread, or any other of a myriad of sugar destabilizers, are going to make you order more when you waitress or waiter comes to take it. More than saving money from not eating at restaurants, I save money every time I go to the grocery store, which actually, I’m visiting much less these days (and that saves me even more money). But this point begs the question, who shelved these studies, so the medical community any even more importantly, the FDA, who structures our food guidelines, that tell us what’s healthy to eat and what’s not, couldn’t even look at the data? Why didn’t they deem this information that important? Could it have been the involvement of the crop seed companies, who sell their crop seed to farmers to grow it? Could it have been the grain industry? Could it have been the restaurant industry? Could it have been the bread industry? In all probability, it was all of them. Again this is something that I will have to address in another post. (It will probably take multiple posts.)
  7. Liberation From Corporate Control  This will probably be the most important aspect of this diet, in my life, going forward. The freedom I will be able to experience, because I’m not a slave to those pesky carbs, has more to do with corporate control than most of us want to realize. By controlling the amount of sugar they put in our diet, they can control our buying habits. Who hasn’t been addicted to chocolate? The reason they addict you to chocolate is, so you’ll buy more. They do it with chocolate, they do it with all candies, all breads, all pastas, all cereals, all forms of alcohol, even all juices and soft drinks, they want you addicted to this huge cash cow, because that’s the nature of the business they’re in. They make a consumable product, that’s so sweet and tasty, people everywhere will love it and buy it, and they don’t even have to put anything extra in it to make it addictive, because it already is, due to it’s massive sugar content. Again this gets into the concern of control, in these industries. What are their motives? Is their motivation little more than greed? Do they know, how they feeding the obesity epidemic, which feeds the diabetes epidemic, which feeds the dementia epidemic and also feeds the cancer epidemic, the cardio-vascular epidemic, the arthritis epidemic, the gastro-intestinal epidemic, the headache (migraine, sinus and stress) epidemic, and the Celiac disease that exists in the thousands of us? They obviously feed this food to their families, because they get just as sick as the rest of those who remain on a carb diet. This tells me that they don’t know what they’re forcing the world to live on and the consequences of living on it. I honestly think that all farmers, think that they are serving the world a purpose by growing this grain, for us. I honestly don’t believe that they know just how dangerous it really is. They can’t, and still grow it. So it must be, that they’re being lied to, to continue to grow it. After all this is what keep the money coming in.
  8. Freedom From Illness and Disease I know I touched on this before, in point 4 when I talked about the tremendous boost my immune system, but I have to re-iterate how much benefit this one factor alone, has granted me. Not getting sick has to be the single best thing I can do for my body. It frees up so much time, that it’s not even funny. Not getting sick allows me to always be at the gym every day I need to go. This allows me to build up that BDNF, that’s so important in helping me to expand my mental capabilities. It also helps me to reinforce my auto-immune system, by building this same protein along with the rdf2 that also builds up my anti-oxidants. These two gems allow me to stay healthier, keeping me clear of the doctor’s office, except for routine wellness visits. The savings in money not spent is quite substantial. The fact of the matter is, that I already have too much wrong with me for anything else to go awry. I can’t afford to aggravate the problems I still have, the high blood pressure (even though I control it with my keto diet), chronic pain, hemiplegia, severe BPH (due to medications I was on for over 12 years), that all began with the severe closed head injury that I’ve learned to deal with, for 31 years. With all of these “pre-existing” conditions, left over from when I was on a carb diet, I can’t afford to acquire any more. The beauty is, I’m continuing to diminish my afflictions, instead of aggravating them, simply because of my MTC keto diet. One of the biggest improvements I had right off the bat, was the end to the acid indigestion, stomach cramps, and headaches. All of these were manifestations of the wheat I was eating. But they’ve been gone for so long now, that I forgot all about them, until 2 hours after I initially published this post. That’s why I had to add these last few lines. to this post.  (That’s the pleasure of writing a blog, you get to add to it, any time you wish, after all, it is a blog).
  9. No mucous My nose doesn’t get stuffed up anymore. It doesn’t even get congested unless of course, I let some wheat or grains into my diet the day before. I use to wake with a stuffed nose every day. Now I don’t. I used to get sinus headaches. Now, I don’t. I always had problems breathing through my congested sinuses. Now, I don’t. That means no sinus headaches, no congestion, no sniveling. And no, I don’t suffer colds anymore.
  10. Less Sweat I sweat a lot less now than what I used to in the past. I think this is because I have much less fat on my body. My fat percentage is 16% which is in the excellent range for my age, 62. Because of this, I don’t experience the thirst that I used to when I was carrying all that fat.

I’ve tried to keep this chapter under 2000 words, but it looks like that’s not going to be possible, but a few more words to express the wonders that this diet has brought to my body, should be set forth here before I close out this edition of this series.

In my life, I’ve never had as much energy as what I do right now. I just got my blood work back earlier this week and after discussing my diet with my doctor, to make sure, everything I’m doing is safe and productive.  All my blood tests have come back with results like I’ve never seen before. My high blood pressure is a thing of the past. My cholesterol levels, although being high (which is what I want), are better balanced than they’ve ever been in my entire life (high HDL, low LDL and VLDL). All of the panels requested, in my blood work, were as normal as they’ve ever been. My doctor said, after seeing my results from my blood work, ” whatever you’re doing, is good. Keep it up.

I still have high blood pressure because I’ve been diagnosed with it in the past, I’m just controlling it with my diet. How easy this control, is! When my blood pressure was checked the other afternoon around 3 PM (when your blood pressure is often the highest), it was 120/60, which is the benchmark of normal blood pressure. You just can’t get results this good on a carbohydrate diet. They’re only possible on a low carb diet. They’re even more possible on an MCT ketogenic diet like the one I’m currently on. If this kind of a diet could do this for me, with all the health problems that I’ve had, can you imagine what it could do for you? The only way you’ll know, is if you try it out. I can make you this guarantee, that you will experience most all of the same benefits, that I’ve experienced if you were to transform your diet into a high fat, low carb diet. Any way you look at it, it’s a win, win, win situation, for anybody who has the courage to accomplish it. One month is all you need to see results! Why don’t you, then, give it a try? Or are you still holding on the fallacy that you must eat carbs? If so, you need to see this.