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Nutritional Lies that the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry Lead You to Believe and Their Deadly Consequences

They’ve intentionally forced you into a need for medication. all for the sake of profit.

This industry pretty much controls what you eat by recommending food to put on your plate. What they’re telling you are lies and they have been fed to you by an industry that’s far more intent on taking your money more than anything else. First, they do it with what they sell you to eat. Second; they do it with the sales of OTC medications leading to prescription medications designed to keep you needing more and more drugs, just to stay alive.

Sound like a ruse? It is. This is the Glucose Ruse. The biggest, grandest, vilest, deadliest ruse ever sentenced to mankind. You’ve been encouraged to eat exactly what isn’t good for your, simply to create a need for medication, to combat the pain caused by a food you’ve been encouraged to eat.

Sound criminal? It sure does to me. This is how they’ve been doing it for 50 years; they recommend that you eat something that they can taint with chemicals that change how enzymes work in your body, thus shutting down your normal processes, which in turn, increases every risk factor for every major disease in the books.

They recommended staying away from foods that are healthy and have the ability to provide your body with the cleanest fuel you can get, anywhere. Where did “Lo-fat” come from? Why is it still around? With the health benefits of medium chain triglycerides (MTCs), the body can’t eat anything healthier to get sustained energy from.

MTCs balance cholesterol. That’s important because you’ve been lead to believe that cholesterol is bad when it isn’t. It’s important. Very important. Without it, you’d have no vitamin D. Many of your hormones that regulate your health are made in your cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol leads to many more problems than high cholesterol. Cholesterol is where you really get your energy from, not carbs, as you’ve always been told.

That’s because carbs force a need for medicine. Fat and cholesterol, don’t. It’s that simple. You may ask how I know this. That would force me to tell you, through experience. That’s how I know it. I’ve lived life both ways, with carbohydrates being a major part of my diet, I was hungry all the time. Without carbs in my diet at all, I never get hungry. This is how one stays healthy. This is how one resets their hormones to a fat burning mode that rearranges all hormones in the body to keep the body healthier, thinner, more energetic and never sick.  That makes all milk fats some of the healthiest food we can eat. Why then were they demonized ad being so dangerous?

That’s because milk fats don’t create the need for medication. They actually decrease the need for medication because they increase your HDL particles. It’s that increase in HDL that’s so important. It’s  far more important than lowering LDL particles. That’s where your energy comes from, your high cholesterol levels, not the promoted glucose.

This is how we’re supposed to live, pain-free, disease-free, and hunger-free. This is the way I’ve been living for the last 5 years. My brain really woke up starting 4 years ago after I went completely ketogenic. Now, life is easier than it’s ever been. I’ve been able to accomplish far more than I ever could when I was hungry all the time. It’s really astonishing. I’m even amazed at what I’m capable of, without the carbs in my diet. That just confirms what I’ve been saying, that you don’t need them. You were only persuaded to buy them to feed multiple industries, starting with the chemical industry that owns the crop seed industry. (Incidentally, it now owned by Bayer, a pharmaceutical corporation.)

Do you think this is going to make your food safe? If you do, I think, you need to think again. This stinks to high heaven of Glucose Ruse. Buy the food, but they pharmaceuticals. That’s the ruse, and if you like your pasta and bread, you’re buying into it, hook, line and sinker. Good Luck!

This industry must stop lying to us. they must stop instructing the USDA to stop lying to us. Since they control what is promoted on myplate.gov and everyone in our country uses that guideline for what they eat, they’re instructing everyone to eat food that makes them ill, The food they’re telling everyone to eat is a direct cause of all of your ailments. You wouldn’t have them is you didn’t eat the food they recommend. Is that criminal? I think so.

The USDA considers it corporate. That’s what it basically is, corporate control of what you eat intended to make you sick to make you buy their medications to fight your pain and disease. Our Supreme Court has even come out to say that all corporations have the right to do exactly that, use deception and lies to sell their products at the cost of American lives because they should have the same right as any single man. It doesn’t matter if they have the moral values as that of any man, or if they even respect the law like most men do. What matters is in America our freedoms can’t be trampled on, regardless of the consequences. Doesn’t this sound a little terroristic?

When you think about it, it is.

Does that make our Supreme Court’s decision to give all corporations the same rights as any individual man, terroristic? They’ve condemned our society to a future of dinner terrorism? They tainted 80% of all food we ingest, simply to force a need for medication, which their industry (Monsanto/Pharmacia)  also conveniently sells us.

If you’re smart, you’ll go to a completely ketogenic diet and learn to thrive better than you ever have. Get away from their control. Be in control of your own fate. If you’re smarter, you read a book in blue, below to learn exactly how this happened and what to do.

 We should all look like this;

If you don’t, Your cure is here!

Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

The original story of tainted food designed to make and keep you sick to need more medication.

Extended Details of Tainted Food:

The story of tainted food that’s been engineered over the last 50 years to cause more destruction to your body, requiring you to need more medications. All done for the sake of profit.

Full Details of Tainted Food:


The complete story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry for the sole purpose of profit.


How Safe is the Food You Eat?

Monsanto’s Meddling in our Lives

Remember the “Better Living Through Chemistry” slogan dating back to the 30’s? DuPont’s actual slogan was “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry” and dates back to 1935 It was used until 1982. The phrase Better Living Through Chemistry was used to circumvent trademark infringement. Although DuPont was responsible for that phrase, it’s one of their competitors that’s doing their best to contaminate the world’s food supply by spraying glyphosate pesticides on 80% of the crops harvested. The chemicals used in the glyphosate are the same chemicals used in many pharmaceuticals.

Monsanto’s corporate history shows how this ruse could have been orchestrated to achieve the results that they’ve achieved today. They force their farmers (by contract) to spray these chemicals on their crops multiple times throughout their life-cycle, the last time an extra heavy dousing in a process called desiccating just days or weeks before harvest. This ensures the inclusion of these chemicals in your diet if you eat any of their food.

Unfortunately, those foods include all foods made from grains and sugar, most vegetables, 80% of all potatoes. Potatoes are roots and this pesticide kills by killing the root. This is how Monsanto is responsible for an extraordinary amount of glycation that takes place in your body if you eat their foods. This glycation is responsible for all modern major disease known to man. It also explains why fasting is so healthy for curing disease. Fasting stops the glycation process by taking away its fuel, glucose.

I wonder; did Monsanto know of glycation’s destructive effects on the body when they acquired GD Searle in 1985? That was only two years after they learned how to genetically modify a plant cell, leading to the engineering of GMO seeds that they could engineer to withstand the chemicals in their glyphosate herbicide, Roundup. The chemicals they use in the glyphosate, they also use in many pharmaceuticals due to their therapeutic properties of how they’re able to dictate how a medicine works. What this means is they can engineer their crops to produce food that creates a need for their medicines. It’s even easier when this particular food is addictive. All they had to do is to make it more addictive. This is exactly what glyphosate does. It makes everything it’s sprayed on, more addictive and deadly.

So, who do we really thank for medical problems that occur these days? In one word, Monsanto. In two words? Monsanto and Syngenta. Now that Bayer has acquired Monsanto, you have three to thank, at least, Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta. This is their idea of better living through chemistry.

It may be better living for them, but it certainly isn’t for you or your family. For you and your family, it’s  genocide done on an industrial scale. I’ll let you decide if it’s criminal or not. But don’t wait until you lose family members. I know what your answer will be then. Your verdict will be the same as mine, criminality to the fullest extent that has ever been expressed in the world, whether modern or ancient. No ruse, no war, no single cause has taken more lives than this one has.

This is the doom of the Glucose Ruse,

to use you and your money to fuel

an ever-growing towing

on your own senses and recollections,

just to fill the coffers of a few corporations

that are chemically in control of the whole 

show of your life. We know where it takes its toll

and it’s none other than in your soul.

Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

state of the union address E Book edition
The original story of tainted food designed to make and keep you sick to need more medication.
The full color edition of tainted food
color edition of your only warning of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry and sick forcing your need for medication.
Basic black and white text of warnings for state of the union address
Your most basic warning of tainted food that’s intentionally engineered to make and keep you hungry and sick to force you into need drugs to counteract your pain.

Extended Details of Tainted Food:

tainted food story for state of the union address
The full-color story of food that’s engineered to keep you hungry and make you sick by the chemicals that all grain crops are doused in throughout their life cycle.
E book edition state of the union
The story of tainted food that’s been engineered over the last 50 years to cause more destruction to your body, requiring you to need more medications. All done for the sake of profit.
state of the union black and white edition
Black and white edition of tainted food story. Food that’s intentionally engineered to make and keep you hungry and make and keep you sick and in pain, forcing your need for medication. This is the Glucose Ruse

Full Details of Tainted Food:

E book Edition

The complete story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry for the sole purpose of profit.
black and white edidtion
Full details of tainted intentionally made to keep you hungry and sick, forcing your need for medication. This book contains the answers to almost all problems we face today, from the opioid epidemic to every major disease.
Full color edition
The Full-color version of the tale of tainted food, intentionally made to keep you hungry and sick, forcing your need for pain medication. This book has the answer to cancer, heart disease, opioid epidemic











New Dangers of Grain Consumption Due to Continued Contamination by Glyphosate Herbicides

The Glyphosate Poisoning of America

This is something the food industry doesn’t want you to know because it’s the warning about genetically modified crop seed that’s ready to accept the Roundup herbicide that kills all the weeds that rob the crops of their room to grow. This Roundup is a glyphosate herbicide responsible for inhibiting how enzymes work. That’s how it kills weeds. That’s also how it makes you sick. How sick it makes you depends on how much of it you eat and how fast you eat it. If you eat any of the grains that this herbicide is sprayed on, you will experience future illness. The enzyme inhibiting glyphosate will see to that. The amount you ingest with each bite is so minute that you’ll never notice the damage until it’s too late. By that time, you’ll be a slave to the pharmaceutical industry. Good luck then. Their only goal is to treat you, not cure you. Cures don’t guarantee return customers, only treatment can do that.

Glucose, which used to be called glycose, is the sugar form for glycerin or glycerol. (Glycerol is a sweet lipid used for sweetening.) It’s healthier than the sugar, because it’s slower in satiating, and not as sweet as glucose or fructose, but that’s beside the point. The point here is that fat is healthier than carbs to eat. This points to why it’s better for your body to make its own glucose instead of cholesterol, which is what it does when you feed it carbs and sugar. That’s why eating only protein and fat is healthier for the body, as it allows the body to create its own glucose instead of feeding it that dirty glucose you get from carbs. Every time you eat carbs, you’re getting dirty glucose at best. It’s not only dirty, it’s polluted with a carcinogenic glyphosate herbicide, call Roundup.

Farmers spray the Roundup on their crops to kill them, about two weeks before harvest, so they’ll dry out quicker. This practice is called desiccating and it’s a common practice in northern climates where the environment is a little damper like it is in North Dakota, the nation’s largest wheat producer, where this is practiced on a regular basis. This is news that is not good. This news means that a good majority of bread and pasta that you eat has had Roundup sprayed on it within two weeks of harvesting, simply so the harvesting will go quicker. This puts more money in the pockets of farmers due to quicker turnover, but it puts most of the extra cash in Monsanto’s pockets by selling more Roundup. It’s easy to see now, how 1.8 billion pounds of it were sprayed in the US alone, in the last 20 years. What you need to do is consider how this may affect your health and if there is anything you can do about it.

According to Natural Society’s website;

Most heavily Glyphosate sprayed grains;

RoundUp, the very same Monsanto-made product which contains the recently-declared carcinogenic chemical glyphosate (along with inert ingredients that are also extremely dangerous), is sprayed on your food just before you eat it.

Which Crops Exactly?

Monsanto recommends spraying for:



Non-GMO Canola




Non-GMO Soybeans

Dry Beans

Sugar Cane

That amounts to just about every grocery store food you can think of – after all, what doesn’t contain wheat, oats, soy, or sugar cane just for starters?

What grains do you eat, cereal grains or legume grains? It really doesn’t matter. They’ve all been doused over and over again with glyphosate herbicide, Roundup.  Do you eat sugar? You should already know how bad sugar is for you. I guess Monsanto didn’t think it was bad enough. They want to make it more dangerous. Why?

My guess is because of their involvement in the pharmaceutical industry. Having owned Searle pharmaceuticals and being merged with Pharmacia less than twenty years ago leaves little doubt why they’re motivated to continue this deadly ruse. What is evident -is that the same enzyme inhibitors are used in heart medication, which Monsanto may make more off of. We all know that medications bring a lot more income than herbicides. Monsanto gets it from both sides. They get paid making you sick as well as getting paid to treat you. This is criminal, in my thinking. It’s business to Monsanto.

The only unfortunate thing about this ruse is you’re the victim of it, by buying into it. That means every time you buy your corn chips, you’re buying into this ruse. It’s a ruse to control your appetite by controlling your hunger. It’s basically pretty simple. Whenever you eat any kind of grain it breaks down to its simplest form in your body, and that’s glucose. Glucose regulates your hunger. Glucose does this by controlling your hormones, which in turn, control your emotions, with hunger just being one of them.

What most people don’t realize is that hunger is just as much an emotion as fear or anger. Incidentally, fear and anger are both controlled by hunger. So are composure and sobriety. Those emotions are much higher on the tone scale than fear and anger, though. This only shows the danger of the hunger cycle and the emotions it controls.

That all points to the fact that if you can control hunger you can control everything it controls. So how do you control hunger? To control hunger you must control that which creates hunger. There’s one thing in your diet that influences hunger more than anything else. That one thing is sugar.

Sugar influences your hunger by playing with your hormones, Leptin and Ghrelin first and foremost.  Leptin is your satiety hormone. It tells you when you’re full and to stop eating. Ghrelin, on the other hand, is your hunger hormone. It makes your stomach growl when your sugar levels get low. This is the secret to controlling hunger. Control your sugar levels and you can control your hunger. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is simple. It’s just not that easy. But it’s vital to accomplishing this step if you want to control your hunger. That means that you should eliminate as many grain foods as possible for this task to be accomplished. This will have multiple benefits for your health.

  1. It will cut down on most all glycation that takes place in your body.
  2. It will reduce the amount of glyphosate herbicides that you ingest with every bite you take of your bagel, croissant or sandwich. (all sandwiches are contaminated)
  3. It will reduce the extra glycation that the glyphosate creates
  4. It will keep you off of future drug needs
  5. That will save you tons of dollars in medical costs meaning no more;
  6. Treatments
  7. Therapy
  8. Surgery
  9. Time wasted in doctors’ offices reading magazines that you’d never read in the first place

Don’t you have enough things to do? Can you really afford to spend that much time in a doctor’s office waiting for treatment or a prescription for your pain? I used to spend half of my day dealing with doctors. Going to the appointment, waiting to see the doctor or therapist at the appointment, then waiting more at the pharmacy for the prescription I was given to treat my pain. Notice that I mentioned, treat. That’s all doctors do anymore. They’re there to treat you pain not cure it. Curing it would mean that you wouldn’t need their services too much more. That’s why it’s far more lucrative to treat you and not cure you.

This is what I’ve learned in my 30+ years of treatment for my disabilities and pain. My disabilities were created by a car accident when a drunk driver ran a red light into the car I was riding in. My pain was created by my diet. It was this diet that I had been consuming for most of my life that at the root of almost all of my pain. That’s because I followed what the USDA recommended for our diet. The USDA recommends a diet based on what farmers can provide and not what is healthy to eat and this where the problem with America’s pandemics of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease come from.

What initially started out as a problem with glycation has turned into extreme glycation due to the amounts of glyphosate herbicide sprayed multiple times as ordered recommended by Monsanto for their farmers. As you just read above, they told to spray it just days before harvesting. This ensures that it gets into your food supply, regardless of what you eat, unless you’re not eating the grains (cereal or legume). It’s these food that create a lions portion of the glycation to begin with. Now, Monsanto wants to help that glycation along by forcing the enzyme inhibiting weed killer down your throats.

It’s no wonder cancer, diabetes, dementia and all disease involved with inflammation have run rampant for the last 30 years. This also includes Autism as displayed by this graph. This is a graph of the rise in autism since the use of Roundup started over 40 years ago. Most of the increase has come in the last 20 years since the use of it has spread worldwide.

I hope it’s easier to see now, how this industry does not have your best health in mind while growing the food you put on your table, for your family to eat. Now you know what at the root of all modern disease that has been plaguing the world ever since we’ve been eating grains. You also know what it’s been amplified over the last 40 years. Grains which have always thought to be a healthy staple are inherently bad for us. Although they’re able to sustain us, they’re just as able to shorten our lives by the glycation that they create in the body. Now you know the missing link in this puzzle of why mankind has been plagued by these modern diseases ever since the start of civilization and why those diseases have been ramped up over the last 40 years, and really intensified in the last 20 years.

Monsanto denies this. They have to. Their business plan relies on the public not knowing this information. If the public knew that they were eating poisonous glyphosate herbicide every time they had a corn chip or bagel, or even just their oatmeal in the morning, how long do you think Monsanto’s business would continue to thrive?

Here’s your first clue to what this food does to you; my health since I quit eating it has improved so much that I experience very little pain now. I never take medication. I never get sick. I always have energy. From the time I get up in the morning (which is a little after sunup) until the time I go to bed (which is always 12 AM – 2 AM). I take very few breaks if any once I start working and I don’t stop to eat. I pause to make a cup of Hot Chocolate around 8 or 8:30 PM, one of two or three that I’ll drink before I go to bed, and then go right back to work, sipping my Hot Chocolate while I work.

Since I started my keto diet 3 years ago, I’ve lost my hunger cycle along with an expanded stomach that I had to keep full of carbs, just to keep my appetite under control. What I didn’t know at that time was that my appetite was never under my control. It was always under the control of the industry that fed me. That’s because I followed their advice. That advice that I followed was to make grains the largest part of my diet. So I ate grains every day, just like you are. But you still get sick, I don’t. I won’t get sick because I’ve broken the habit, the addiction that keeps you from kicking your habit. This is a habit that’s been imposed upon you and not by your choice, consciously. You were inflicted with this addiction when you were an infant and had no control over the food you ate. Too bad your mother didn’t know then what she was doing to you, to guarantee your addiction. The food industry knew. That’s why there’s so much sugar in baby food, formula, and medicine. It’s because it satiates so quickly it immediately calms a baby down. Whenever you can quiet a crying baby, it’s assumed you’re being a good mother. How many “good mothers” have addicted their kids by not knowing?

  1. The dangers of sugar
  2. The addictive nature of sugar
  3. The glycative effects of sugar
  4. The addition of Roundup to all sugar

Is this the kind of food you want your baby to eat? It’s the kind of food you’re eating. This is the kind of food that’s giving you headaches and stomach aches. I know. I lived it for close to 60 years. It was imposed on me by my mother. She thought she was feeding me clean healthy food to grow on. It may have been food to grow on, but it wasn’t healthy or clean. The clean food factor didn’t come around until Monsanto invented their glyphosate herbicide, Roundup. After the emergence of Roundup on the market, modern diseases skyrocketed and have not slowed down since. The rate of these diseases will continue to increase until Roundup in no longer used. (What will happen to the millions of dollars invested in Monsanto when their products are deemed carcinogenic?) This is why Monsanto can’t afford this profitable, yet deadly behavior to discontinue. Their bottom line depends on this ruse continuing and continuing for as long as they can make money off of it. It depends on it from two angles, from the crop seed side as well as the pharmaceutical side, even though they’ve supposedly divested themselves of their pharmaceutical holdings. I’m sure they all still have multiple stock options in both industries and if you think that won’t influence their decisions, I think, you need to think again.

The use of Roundup is not going to wane as long as Monsanto is making millions of dollars on the sale of it. Over the last 20 years over 2.6 billion lbs of Roundup have been sprayed on U.S. farmland, according to ECOWatch.com With all that herbicide sprayed on your food, how much of do you think you could stay away from?  If you eat food from a grocery store of a restaurant, you’re eating Roundup with the food you eat. Monsanto makes certain of that. They have for the last 40 years. Are you starting to see the correlation of the addition of the herbicide and the condition of your health?

What glycation these grains create in the first place is magnified by the Roundup that’s been sprayed on the crops these foods come from. Your addiction to these crops and their subsequent foods is what’s behind the pandemics of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, dementia (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases) and all other diseases involved with inflammation. Basically, that means that if you’re eating these grains, both cereal and legume, you’re subjecting your body to poisons that are not only carcinogenic, they’re atherosclerotic and inflammatory, to say the least. If they are they responsible for cancer, I’m not going to chance to eat them ever again. Now I’m really happy I quit and it explains why I’ve felt so good since I quit. It’s easier to understand now why so many people are going ketogenic.

Remember when I mentioned that glyphosate is an enzyme
inhibiting chemical that’s an active ingredient in Roundup that it’s also used as a component in many medicines to make the medicine more effective? This is the legal corporate engineering Monsanto has formulated over the last 30+ years, to take more and more of your money. And it’s all for the sake of profits. Health? Well, that’s just collateral damage. Enzyme inhibitors are commonly used in medicine as well as in herbicides. The same enzyme inhibitors that are used in roundup are also used in some heart medications. I’ll be if the person knew that the food that this industry gave them to eat for the last 30 years, gave them that food to get them to buy their medicine years later, they would have made better choices when they had the option to do so. I’ve got to hand it to Monsanto, though, in terms of business savvy. This is the ultimate ruse. It’s a gargantuan ruse perpetrated on the public without anyone finding out until now.

Now I also know why so much drug use leads to more and more drug use. It’s a true dependence inflicted upon you by Monsanto. First, they addict you to sugar. Then they addict you to the drugs you’ll need to fight the pain created by the sugar. Then they’ll addict you to a cycle of prescription medication that will continuously create a need for more medication until the cycle ends in premature death. The saddest part of this story is you’ll probably never believe it…until you break your addiction. The next saddest part is that you were never told, until now.

The industry has formed its own “Industry Task Force on Glyphosate” to disseminate information on how healthy glyphosate is and how much benefit it is to the environment, yet more and more consumers are becoming aware of its inherent dangers. More and more people are waking up to the true poisoning that this enzyme inhibiting herbicide inflicts on the uneducated public. Isn’t it bad enough that the grains they grow glycate proteins and cholesterol? Do they really need to make it more poisonous? It’s already at the heart of all major modern disease, isn’t that enough? Are they really that greedy that they’re willing to poison the whole world to increase their profits?